Six More Saturday Night Boxing Picks

Other Oct 31, 2020


Here's some more great boxing action for fans to watch this Saturday night and more great picks from me!  Wager on the action by visiting

Naoya Inoue (-1400)  vs  Jason Moloney (+600)
WBA WORLD, IBF WORLD Bantamweight Titles

Breakdown: The Monster Naoya Inoue is coming in fresh off an 8 streak of KO’s. He’s shown to have an immense amount of power and with his ability to diversify his strikes and go to both the body and the head, his opponent has to stay on their toes trying to guess which block is the right one. For Maloney, this is one of the toughest challenges of his career. It’s hard to see Maloney being able to withstand the onslaught of the monster, so more than likely, Inoue takes this one by KO and imposes his will early in the fight.

Pick: Naoya Inoue Bonus: KO/TKO in the 3rd round

Ewa Brodnicka (+345)  vs  Mikaela Mayer (-575)

Breakdown: Mayer is the rising star coming out of the United States, and it seems like its time for her to rise up to becoming a champion. After holding the belt for a few years, Ewa has shown she has the skills to beat about anyone. Her skills have slowed down in the latter part of the career and Mayer is still hitting her prime. Mayer will work her down over the course of the fight and win by decision.

Pick: Mikaela Mayer Bonus: Decision

Robson Conceicao  vs  Luis Coria

Breakdown: Robson Conceicao is still building up his resume and Luis Coria is nothing more than someone standing in his way Look for Robson to take advantage of the less skilled Coria and outwork him. Robson will dictate the pace and could honestly win all 12 rounds if that’s something he wants to do. Either way, squash match for Robson and he’s going home with a win.

Pick: Robson Conceicao Bonus: Decision

Jared Anderson  vs  Luis Eduardo Pena

Breakdown: Jared Anderson is coming in with an undefeated record of 6-0 with 6 knockouts. For Anderson, he’s still young at only 20 years old and he can work his way up into being a contender at heavyweight if he continues to hone his skills. Luis Pena is a lower ranked prospect with not the power that Anderson has. Anderson wins this one in the first few rounds by KO

Pick: Jared Anderson Bonus: KO in the 2nd round

Andy Hiraoka  vs  Rickey Edwards

Breakdown: At 15-0 Hiraoka is another star on the rise. While many of his wins have been against no names, he still continues to deliver. This is another fight as he builds up his record to challenge for a title. Rickey Edwards all around is less skilled and the footwork in this matchup will really be the key. Hiraoka will be able to dictate the pace and over the course of the fight, he will win a decision.

Pick: Andy Hiraoka Bonus: Decision

George Acosta  vs  Andres Cortes

Breakdown: Cortes is coming in at 13-0 at only 23 years old. He faces off against a George Acosta who at this point has a blemish on his record at 10-1. He goes up against the superior boxer in Cortez. For Cortes to win this fight, he will need to make sure that he keeps the volume high in order to outpace Acosta. Acosta won’t go down easily so we see Andres Cortes winning by decision.

Pick: Andres Cortes Bonus: Decision

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