Corona? Get your sports bets in...

Pointspreads Staff Mar 10, 2020

Pointspreads Staff

Even though the Corona Virus has stopped most sports leagues, especially in North America, you can still get in on some action at these events:


Leave it to those tough Germans to keep the games going, at least for now. Will they join the Premier league and others in putting their season on hold? Looks like the answer is yes but at least you'll have one more weekend to get some bets in.


Since Dana White is buddies with the Donald, of course he's not going to be worried about a little thing like Corona. The toughest commissioner in all of sports wants to keep the kicks coming, but he knows it can't be in front of a live audience. There will be events, albeit in front of empty seats. But hey at least you can watch from home and get in on the action.

KHL Hockey

Russia is huge and is currently reporting 63 Corona cases. Hmmm. Like most other opponents, Corona is terrified of Putin. KHL hockey is in its playoffs so pick your teams and score some wagers.


The races will go on! Unfortunately Jeb and Kooter won't be in the stands watching. Doesn't mean you can't get your Talladega nights fired up with a Busch or Harvick bet.


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