NBA Playoffs Set: Raptors Second Seed in East

Basketball Aug 15, 2020

The NBA playoffs are finally set.

Sixteen teams will compete for the 2020 championship.  Top seeds are Milwaukee Bucks in the East and the Los Angeles Lakers in the West.  However, keep a close eye on the defending champion Toronto Raptors.  They finished the season at 53-19, good for the NBA's second-best record, better than the Lakers and behind only Milwaukee which looks to be the beast of the East.

The Raptors should handle the Brooklyn Nets easily in the first round.  The Bucks should could sweep Orlando, though the Magic are right at home in the bubble at Disney, which is in Orlando, FL, the host to all playoff games.  The 76ers-Celtics and Pacers-Heat series could be much more competitive.

The West should be a wild affair.  The Lakers have look lost during much of the post-COVID era, sleepwalking to the top seed and the NBA's third-best record.  The Lakers could have their hands full with Portland, which is the 8th seed.  

The other three series look equally as intriguing.  Dallas, though the 7th seed, looks very tempting against the Los Angeles Clippers.  Houston and Oklahoma City finished the regular season with identical 44-28 records, making for an unpredictable match-up.  Denver and Utah also looks like a coin flip.

Of course, the bets are already flowing in.  Action begins on Monday and Tuesday.  

Here are the opening odds at for each series.