NFL Dogs Barking Loud in 2021

NFL Nov 11, 2021

NFL Betting Report: Dogs Doing Well ATS Through Week 9

The 2021 NFL regular season has been going to the dogs.

Much like last season (55.5 percent covers), betting solely on underdogs against the spread has been highly profitable for bettors through nine weeks of the NFL season.

Underdogs have posted a 77-58-1 (57.0 percent) win record this season against the spread.  For a $100 a game bettor, that's a profit of +$1,176.80 for doing nothing more than taking the points in every game.

However, be advised the numbers are deceptive and far different when it comes to winning games outright.  Nonetheless, the overall profits have been steadily piling up.  Underdogs are 53-81 (39.6 percent wins) straight up.  For a $100 a game bettor, that's a profit of +$1,650.00.

What about big underdogs?  Betting on 10-point underdogs hasn’t worked out so well.  Ten-point dogs are just 8-9-1 this season ATS (47.1 percent wins) for a -$172.72 loss.

Straight up, those 10-point dogs are a woeful 3-15 (16.7 percent wins) for a loss of -$75.00.

We'll return on Saturday with this week's plays and predictions.

NFL Underdog Betting Records

Credit:  These numbers are courtesy of ODDSHARK.COM