NFL Parlay of the Week [Week #1]

NFL Sep 08, 2022

New Feature: Parlay of the Week!

Here's a new attraction: Every NFL weekend, we'll examine the entire menu of betting options at and pick out what we believe to be the "Parlay of the Week."

Just in case you're not familiar with a parlay, that means we're making two wagers which are combined into a single bet. The tricky part is -- both wagers must win (which means to cover the pointspread). The payoff is that parlays always pay back more money when we win. For instance, a standard 2-team parlay pays $2.60 in profit for every $1.00 wagered. That's a great deal! But remember, both wagers must win. If we go 0-2, or split and go 1-1, that means the parlay loses.

Now, let's look as some possible winning parlay combinations for NFL Week #1.

NFL Betting Odds (Week #1):

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Many sportsbooks don't allow correlated parlays. That means wagers which are directly correlated or connected.

An example would be to bet the Buffalo Bills in the first half and also bet them in the game and try to make that into a parlay. The problem is, that's not allowed. We can bet Buffalo on separate wagers, but not as a parlay. If you can find anyone who takes a first-half and a game bet on a parlay ticket, something's probably wrong.

So instead, we look for quasi-correlated parlays. Fancy words, huh? This means a betting ticket that includes two separate possibilities, but which are also somewhat linked. A great example is betting a big favourite with the over. That's allowed in parlays. The reasoning goes -- if a big favourite covers a high pointspread, then lots of points are probably going to be scored, and the game will go over the total. So, it's correlated. Kinda'.

Our message to the Kansas City offense – score lots of points!

NFL Parlay of the Week [Week #1]

So, what's the Parlay of the Week?

How about the Kansas City-Arizona matchup? The Chiefs are laying -4.5 and the O/U is 53. We figure a high-scoring game is likely. We also think that if the Chiefs win and cover, they will roll up some points.

Therefore, KANSAS CITY -4.5 and OVER 53 in the game is our Parlay of the Week.

Good luck to KC and to us!


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