NFL Week 14 Reactions

NFL Dec 13, 2021

Ten comments about what happened in the NFL this past week

(1)  Tampa Bay is the best team in the NFL. Toss out all the records, the losses, and concerns.  This team is peaking at the right time.  Beating Buffalo in overtime was yet another statement that they're the favorite to return to the Super Bowl.

(2)  New England might be the second-best team in the league. Okay, they are the NFL's second best.  The Patriots were off this past week, which means they're now rested heading into the season homestretch and playoffs.  What a dangerous team they will be.

(3)  Kansas City is back. Two months ago, we were crossing off the Chiefs but they went out on Sunday and spanked the rival Raiders in a beatdown.  For those keeping score, Kansas City is now 9-4, equal to the Patriots for the best record in the AFC.

(4)  Tennessee will be a force, if they continue to improve on defense. The Titans went into Sunday's game on a 2-game losing streak, but that streak is no more and the Titans have their revamped defense to thank for that.  In what was easily the Titans' most dominant defensive performance of the entire season, they absolutely destroyed the Jags offense, winning in a shutout.

(5)  Could Urban Meyer be one-and-done in Jacksonville? He sure seems out of his class as an NFL head coach.  Indeed, the Jags aren't just big losers on the field, they're also losers off the field thanks Meyer's shenanigans. Everyone in the organization already looks like they've given up on the season, including the players, and especially Meyer.

(6)  Biggest winners of the week – Indianapolis Colts.  And they didn't even play.  The Colts had a bye in Week 14, but they're a winner because everything fell into place perfectly for them.  Thanks to losses by the Wild Card rivals the Bengals and Bills, the Colts jumped from the low ninth seed in the AFC all the way up to the sixth seed.

(7)  Biggest losers of the week – Cincinnati (and maybe Las Vegas). Every time we think the Bengals are going to finally....finally....finally take a giant leap forward, they fall flat on their face. The Bengals had a great chance to take over first place in the crowded AFC North, but Darius Phillips fumbled the game away with two muffed punts.  He should have been cut on the spot after the game. As for the Raiders....stick a fork in them.  They're done.  If you go on the road into your rival's stadium and trample on the home team's logo, you're supposed to back that up.  Instead, the Raiders did just the opposite. They mocked the Chiefs in pregame and the Chiefs decided to respond by completely humiliating the gutless Raiders.

(8)  What's wrong with the Baltimore Ravens? It's hard to figure out what's going on with the team many thought of as one of the best teams in the AFC.  Now, the Ravens are struggling at 7-6 and could miss the playoffs.  Let's also remember Baltimore should have lost at least two more games and would have were it not for their GOAT kicker, and the Colts not having a kicker when they needed one the most.  It's hard to see how the Ravens can turn things around, especially with an offense that's played horribly the last month.  

(9)  Dallas is back in the hunt.  The Cowboys all but locked up the NFC East title with a win over Washington on Sunday.  They have played inconsistently the last 6 games (3-3) but have a favorable schedule that assures them of making the playoffs.

(10)  Who doesn't want to see Tampa Bay play Green Bay in the NFC Championship this season?  Yes, we are getting way ahead of ourselves. Nonetheless, the Packers at 10-3 have probably locked up a first-round bye, which means they host at least one (perhaps two) playoffs games.  Tom Brady in Lambeau Field in January.  Please, let it happen.  Epic game written all over it.