NHL + UFC + WBO = Ice Wars!

Other Aug 02, 2022

Spreads.ca gets ready to post odds and take bets on Ice Wars -- the ultimate combat sport.

What if hockey fights were a thing, as in a real sport?

That's exactly what Ice Wars is -- a supreme test of skill, toughness, and finesse.

Ice Wars has been called "the most extreme combat sport ever invented." Try to imagine a hockey fight with UFC-type rules, only instead all the action happening inside an octagon, the battle takes place on a real hockey rink.

To be clear, this fascinating new sporting competition that pushes combatants to their physical and mental limits isn't for everyone. Ice Wars is only for those who are rough enough...and tough enough...and skilled enough, which will ultimately be those who come out on top as the winners.

Yes, they may look like hockey players.  But there are no sticks.  There are no pucks.  The goal is to knock your opponent out cold.

Ice Wars: The NHL is for sissies!

Spreads.ca is taking bets!

Spreads.ca is the only sports betting website in the world now posting odds and taking bets on Ice Wars.  This makes perfect sense, given that Ice Wars is uniquely Canadian and made up mostly of real hockey players with actual pro-league experience.  Spreads.ca offers bettors the most extensive wagering menu possible to Canadians.

This Saturday night, August 6th will mark the second Ice Wars event.  The inaugural spectacle took place in Edmonton, AB on May 21st.  That first event included a fight card featuring an 8-man one-night tournament, along with two so-called "grudge match" bouts.

The return of Ice Wars this Saturday also takes place in Edmonton, AB.


Ice Wars rules

Each bout will consist of two, 1-minute rounds along with a 30-second "ice breaker" during the duel that the fighters split between the rounds.

The Ice Wars concept dates back to the "Battle of the Hockey Enforcers," a popular but controversial event that was held in British Columbia back in 2005 and served as an inspiration for the relaunch 17 years later in 2022.

Each fighter's objective is to knock out his opponent.  Like UFC fighters and boxers, they are competing for prize money.

Is Ice Wars dangerous?

The short and honest answer is – yes.  This is a real tough-guy competition.

However, while Ice Wars makes hockey fights the essence of the sport, there are also strict rules which are enforced.  Moreover, each fighter is equipped with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gloves at all times.

Each bout consists of two fighters, each posted in their corner, as well as a referee. When the official blows the whistle and signals the face-off, the competitors start the fight, each wearing a helmet, as well as complete hockey equipment (but no sticks).

Because of the rules and careful consideration given to the fighters, Ice Wars may actually be safer than a typical hockey fight.

Note:  Poinstspreads.ca will have a write-up (with predictions) later this week on Saturday's fight card.  Once we know more about the matches and the odds, we're eager to make our picks and watch all the action.


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