NFL MNF: Night Game Props

Nov 16, 2020

The beauty of the prime time games on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday nights is that all attention is on one game.  Not just the gambler's attention, it's also the attention of the oddsmakers.

During a full Sunday slate of games, there's money line bets, point spreads, alternative point spreads, and over/unders, and for the most part that's what you'll get. As a lot of us make wagers on multiple games, or parlays incorporating a few, our attention spans are fractured on Sundays as we divvy up our focus between multiple concurrent games.

But in the evening,  a great Led Zeppelin song, we've had dinner and we're settled in. Our attention may be divided between the game and our families, but it is not divided between games. The joy of the night came is the myriad of prop bets one can make to keep entertained throughout the contest.

One of the markets that isn't typical of a regular Sunday afternoon game is the touchdown scorer prop. This isn't a rule that there are not TD scorer markets on a Sunday afternoon game, but it is a rule that the TD scorer market is posted for evening games. You can always click on a specific afternoon game  and see what markets are available if you're ever wondering what's on the menu.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Jimmy Graham has been a great option for Foles in the red zone. Jimmy doesn't have the speed he once did, but his basketball frame and height in the end zone make him an attractive target. He's 2.90 to score a TD any time tonight, or you can boost the odds and take him specifically to score the 1st or last TD at 12.00

Sticking with Jimmy Graham, as an example, we can chose a specific receiver's  yardage, or number of receptions. These are over/under lines on a personal achievement level. Fun stuff that keeps your attention as you home in on a single player's performance.

The Vikings have a number of interesting props as well on individual players tonight, but I want to point out one thing to keep in mind :

***Kirk Cousins is the ultimate cooler on Monday Night Football.***

How bad has he been historically on MNF? He is 0-9 straight up (SU) or against the spread (ATS) ‼️

I have two suggestions tonight. The first is that the trend is your friend until it ends, so if you're looking for a Viking prop, Dalvin Cook is trending high in yardage per game. 86.5 seems like he could be there at the half, judging from the last couple of weeks.

And my final suggestion? DA BEARS.