One More Super Bowl Prop Bet You Can Win Before the First Offensive Snap

NFL Feb 09, 2022

Betting on Super Bowl propositions is the Christmas morning of sports gambling

This coming Sunday at 3:30 pm PT, Super Bowl LVI kicks off in Los Angeles.

We've calculated the odds on a few proposition wagers that merit consideration. Over this remaining week, check back here at POINTSPREADS.CA for more analysis, particularly on props betting.

What follows is the second of third wagers you could win (or lose) before the first offensive play even takes place. Think of it!  Imagine the thrill (or the agony) of being up for the day early, prior to the first snap.

We view these three props and prices as solid wagers.  Read PART 1 here.  Read PART 2 here.  More props are coming, very soon.  

The value on this prop is based on the following factors:


YES .... -130

NO .... +110


Comments:  Out bet is that the opening kickoff will be returned, not downed in the end zone or the kick will sail out of bounds or way beyond the end line.  In other words, there must be a runback by the receiving team.  So, as long as the receiving team doesn’t settle for a touchback, we win.

Usually, these kinds of props don't show up in box scores.  There are no numbers on percentages, except in deep dive databases run by number-crunchers.  That said, the last Super Bowl opening kickoff that went for a touchback was five year ago – in 2017.  So, we like recent trends on this.

Super Bowl LVI is being held in ideal conditions, especially for kickers.  The doomed roof should limit any weather influence, such as gusty winds that can carry an average kick and make it sail past the goalposts.  The touchback rate for both kickers – Matt Gay (LA Rams) and Evan McPherson (Cincy Bengals) -- is 62 percent.  That's why the YES is positively priced.  

Nonetheless, we lean to the opening KO being returned.  Every NFL kick returner hopes to do another Devin Hester, and "take it to the house."

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