Opinion: US Supreme Court Deals a Blow to NCAA -- Student-Athletes Win Victory

Other Jun 21, 2021

The dirty filthy NCAA finally got bitch-slapped in a major court decision that was announced today.  


This decision and news marks a huge victory for student-athletes, individual rights, and for basic fairness.

The United States Supreme Court rebuked the NCAA which will all but slam the brakes on the schools' and conferences' utter domination over the lives and careers of those who play team sports.  This high court ruled this cabal of corruption is no more.  The NCAA's enslavement of student-athletes has been going on since the 1940s.  It's a well-orchestrated multi-billion dollar money heist where all the money flows upward, and nothing trickles down to the people who make the profits possible – the players.

The ruling is particularly welcome news to minority students-athletes and their families who have been screwed by the system that's ruled over college sports for many decades.  Minority athletes disaproportionally are impacted by these economic inequities since less than 2 percent of all college athletes ever make it to pro sports leagues.

Who has benefited at the expense of athletes?  It's all those dirty conference presidents and administrators, the overpaid head coaches with zero loyalties who bounce from team to team for a bigger paycheck, and do-nothing bowl committees raking in millions for 3 days of "work" who will now have to share the spoils of their giant scam.  The worst enablers of all, the alumni associations, will now have to find new ways to lie, cheat, and steal to win ballgames.  Even the conservative Supreme Court justices agreed the current system amounts to mass exploitation.  The final vote was unanimous -- 9-0.

It’s unfathomable that with so much money lining the pockets of so many leeches feeding off the system -- corporations, colleges, coaches, administrators -- the actual people that work the very hardest, sweat the most, sacrifice the most, and taking the greatest risks are getting shafted.  These human workhorses have been exploited beyond any measure of fairness while those at the top have enriched themselves in a system of indentured servitude.  Well, that's over now.  The plantation is closed down.  Now, watch a slew of lawsuits to be filed on behalf of the athletes to rightfully earn a paycheck and protect their likenesses in marketing.

This decision has major consequences that will reverberate throughout college athletics, budgets, and in competition.  The monopoly of megaconferences is about to see major cracks in the system.  It's going to be a free-for-all.  And that's great news.

I say, tear it all down.  Start over again.  Share the massive profits.  Reward those who do the work and take all the risks.

Screw you, NCAA.  You got caught.  Your dirty game is over.


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