Overrated Nets and Lakers Top Futures Bets to win Championship

nba Oct 18, 2021

Here we go again.

Despite both teams imploding last season, the perpetually overrated Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers are (once again) the odds-on favourites to win the 2021-22 NBA title.

How wonderful.  

Now, the rest of us can take advantage of much better values on the teams that have proven to be the best in the game.  The defending champion Milwaukee Bucks are 10-1.  The Western Conference champions, Phoenix Suns, are listed at 18-1.

Meanwhile, the Nets are favoured at +205.  

That's absurd.

The Lakers are almost as ridiculous – currently at +400.

Insert more laughter.

It's certainly possible the Nets and Lakers could end up in the finals and one of them might win.  They are both talented teams, arguably the best in the NBA.  But to see these numbers on the favourites is batshit crazy.

Betting advice:  Wager on one of the other teams such as Milwaukee, Utah, Golden State, Denver, or another team you like.  There are some wonderful betting values all thanks to overreaction to hype.

According to SPREADS.CA, here's the latest futures prices to win the 2021-22 NBA championship: