Pointspreads' "Bet of the Day" Update

Other Apr 16, 2021

Usually every morning, we post our "Bet of the Day" here at POINTSPREADS.CA.

You can find this exclusive feature beneath our headline stories, and also at SPREADS.CA, which provides the lines which provide the basis of the recommended wager.

This is challenging endeavor because some days there are more than one situations that deserve a wager.  Many days include multiple betting situations.  Occasionally, there's even a hedge or correlated betting opportunity that isn't reflected in the recommended play.  In short, it's not so easy to come up with precisely one – and only ONE – recommended wager.

Nonetheless, our results here have been pretty positive.  We endured a mini-slump at the start of April.  But the last 10 plays have gone 4-5-1.  Even so, over the previous 10 recommended wagers, we still made a small profit since one of the bets was a big underdog (the Detroit Red Wings were +280 on the moneyline, and our "Bet of the Day" won that game).

Recommending longshots kills the overall betting (W-L) record, but is always based on finding a good value.  

For instance, we broke even (record-wise) in December, but also generated a huge profit.  Recall that we recommended a huge upset winner in the English Premier League (soccer) that generated +1400 in profits.  So, that win alone could offset 13 straight wagers that lost, and we'd still break even.

The name of the game here is profit, not pretty numbers.

Note that most sports gambling websites (espeically pay sites) do not post accurate records nor do they divulge losing streaks and negative outcomes.  We have nothing to sell here (although we hope you'll check out the lines at SPREADS.CA), other than news and information that might help Canadians make a few smart wagers.  So, we keep accurate records and tell you how we perform.  

Since February 1, 2021 our record stands at 31 wins, 21 losses, and 3 pushes.  That's a very respectable win rate of 59 percent.  That also includes several moneyline underdogs.

Of course, we must also convey that "past results are no guarantee of future earnings."  Sounds like a stock commercial, doesn't it?

We'll ramp up the picks in the weeks and months ahead and (let's hope) generate some nice profits.  

Thanks for reading and visiting us each day here at POINTSPREADS.CA.