Prop Betting on Quarterbacks

NFL Nov 19, 2022

Sometimes, the best bet you can make isn't on the game. It might be on a player.

Player props are like buried treasure. Dig deep enough, and you might find gold.

Typically, the most popular player props are on quarterbacks. offers betting on passing yardage, rushing yardage, touchdown passes, interceptions, and even sacks. So, every play may have some bearing on the outcome of a wager.

Naturally, the quarterbacks who attract the most attention (and wagers) are the superstars. Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City), Josh Allen (Buffalo), and Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia) are the trio atop the QB pyramid at the moment.

However, every NFL game includes props on quarterbacks and their stats, so don't be dissuaded from betting on a game and player who isn't a star on a winning team. Occasionally, the very best bets are for or against the weaker quarterbacks on losing teams.

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Since Patrick Mahomes is so popular with fantasy players and bettors alike, there's rarely any value wagering on him to exceed the stat props. Most bettors like to bet OVER on Mahomes for yardage and touchdowns and his overall numbers support confidence. But also look at interceptions. Mahomes has thrown 7 picks in 9 games this season. Yet, his O/U on interceptions this week against the Chargers is .5 (OVER at even money). We like OVER on interceptions, since 1 pick is all it takes to win.

We see a similar number for Josh Allen, who is facing the Browns this week. His O/U on interceptions is .5 (-110). Since Allen has tossed 10 picks in 9 games, we love the OVER on this prop.

Finally, Jalen Hurts goes up against the Colts with his O/U on interceptions also at .5 (priced at even money on the OVER. We like the UNDER on Hurts, as he's been very careful with the football, throwing just 3 interceptions this entire season.

These types of bets won't make you any friends, and it's strange to cheer for intercpetions on every play.  However, data shows if you want to make money, look where others are not paying attention and take the bets that are seemingly less attractive.  Often, that's where there's value.