Puck Picks: Player/Team Best Bets and Predictions for the 2021 NHL Season

NHL Jan 13, 2021

I will be using a starting budget of $1,000 and will make some FUTURES bets on player and team props on the eve of the 2021 NHL season beginning tonight.

Note that I will be keeping track of all the bets and determine results at the end of the season.  My bets are for entertainment purposes only – so please take that into consideration.

Note that I made predictions for all four divisions, which can be read here:





Good luck with your bets and following my predications!

Team Point Totals

Bets are $10 on each prop, with a payout of $19 for each win.

Boston Bruins 71.5 pts (-112) UNDER

St. Louis Blues 70.5 pts (-112) OVER

Minnesota Wild 60.5 pts (-112) OVER

Pittsburgh Penguins 67.5 (-112) UNDER

Columbus Blue Jackets 63.5 pts (-112) OVER

Vancouver Canucks 61.5 pts (-112) UNDER

Ottawa Senators 47.5 pts (-112) OVER

New Jersey Devils 52.5 pts (-112) UNDER

Chicago Blackhawks 49.5 pts (-112) UNDER

Buffalo Sabres 54.5 pts (-112) UNDER

Division Winner

Philadelphia Flyers (+375) @ $50= $237.50

Montreal Canadians (+400) @ $50= $250.00

St. Louis Blues (+500) @ $50= $300.00

To Make the Playoffs

Pittsburgh Penguins (+155) NO- $50= $127.50

Dallas Stars (+155) NO- $50= $127.50

Predictions by PS.CA NHL writer Patrick Day, who lives in St. Louis and is a Blues fan, but didn't let that sway his judgement.  Patrick can be reached at:  gotpuckspat@hotmail.com

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