Remembering the Bad Old Days of Sports Handicapping

Jan 28, 2022

Here's a funny video of football "experts" screaming at each other

You’d swear this is a comedy skit, but it’s not. It’s real. This sports handicapping show used to run every Saturday morning, televised nationally across North America.

Here’s a hysterical 9-minute video clip (below) that typifies the sewer that once was—and to some extent still is—the darkest depths of “sports handicapping services.”

It’s hard to believe these jokers got any business with their outlandish claims of “24 winners in a row,” “92 percent winners,” and “the lock of the century.” One football tout, calling himself “the Swami” even claims he has “visions” picking the winners of games.

The host scammer is named “The Duke.” He’s the curly-haired cretin who is shown screaming his lungs out in this video, “I love this game! I love this game! Call now!”

But the real villain is the coke-up guy with the mustache who won’t shut up while the other touts are speaking. I’m surprised someone didn’t dive across the desk and shove a fist into this guy’s larynx. He should have been taken out of that TV studio on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance.

This lost treasure of unintentional hilarity was broadcast sometime around 1993. Cringe, enjoy and laugh your ass off.