Some Predictions on What Will Happen in the Second Half of Major League Baseball Season

MLB Jul 16, 2021

Could we see a Chicago White Sox-San Francisco Giants World Series?  Some experts think so.

Major League Baseball was expected to return to action on Thursday.  

However, the New York Yankees had COVID-19 issues that forced their game with the Boston Red Sox to be postponed.  Scheduling just one single game on Thursday rather than have a full state of game was utterly asinine, so we ended up with no major sporting events on Thursday evening.  The sky was dark.  That mistake should never happen again, and besides – haven't we seen more than enough of the Yankees this season?

Moving on, let's get to some bold predictions on what may happen the rest of the baseball season.  Chris Bengal at CBS Sports stitches together the following thoughts, which all look on target:

It's been fantastic to see the blossoming of young talent around the league.

Los Angeles Angels two-way star Shohei Ohtani has been one of the most exhilarating stories that this generation has ever seen. We're seeing a modern-day Babe Ruth of sorts with Ohtani leading the league with 33 home runs and also excelling on the mound.  Ohtani has me wanting to watch every single Angels game that's being televised because you're most likely going to see something amazing.

So, what's in store for us between now and the end of September?

  • Ohtani and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. will both hit 50 home runs: "I'm more worried about Ohtani getting to 50 homers than I am Vlad Jr. Worried isn't the right word, really. I just think Ohtani will have a harder time, for two reasons. One: fatigue. It is a long season and all that pitching and all that hitting will take a toll, even on a player as young (27) and as strong as Ohtani. It wouldn't be the most surprising thing to see him hit a wall late in the year, or even get fewer at-bats to rest, which would also cut into his home run total."
  • Eloy Jimenez will have 15-plus home runs: "And they need him too. They're sitting pretty in the standings, no doubt, but White Sox outfielders have hit an unremarkable .246/.316/.426 (103 OPS+) this season, and their DHs have hit .265/.335/.421 (99 OPS+). They are 24th in baseball with 92 home runs. It is a testament to their lineup that they're third in baseball with 5.12 runs per game. Still, there's room for improvement."
  • Mets will trade for Kris Bryant: "With all due respect to Jonathan Villar and the currently injured JD Davis, the Mets have a glaring need at third base, and also a glaring need for a righty bat to balance their lefty-heavy lineup. Bryant would address both needs. New York could build a package around shortstop prospect Ronny Mauricio, though they might not even have to part with that much to get rental Bryant."

Matt Snyder at CBS Sports offers the following division predictions and makes a pick to win the World Series:

I'll hop back into my All-Star break tradition of predicting how the second half will unfold. No, this isn't undoing my regular season predictions and I'm still accountable and on the hook for them, but things change. Two teams in particular have made me believers of them when I wasn't to start to the year.

One of those teams, the Red Sox, would now be my prediction to win the AL East.

In the Central, my preseason prediction of the White Sox was spot on. They're gonna run away and hide.

In the West, it's going to be the Astros, just as I thought in the preseason.

In the NL East, it seems like all roads are pointing to the Mets, but man, they aren't reliable. I'll take 'em, but I'm not confident.

The Brewers are going to take the NL Central, though the Reds appear ready to push them while the Cubs and Cardinals are trying to outdo each other with falling apart.

Out West, the Dodgers are the smart pick. The Padres have been the trendy one. I think both wild cards come from here, but the other team that has made me a believer is the Giants, so screw it, I'm going with them. I think they'll be aggressive at the trade deadline and they've really unlocked something with their pitching.

And if I'm gonna ride the Giants there, why not take them in the playoffs? Let's give the Giants another NL pennant.

This time they lose in the World Series, though.

The White Sox have time to get Eloy Jimenez, Luis Robert and Yasmani Grandal healthy in September. The lineup hits for average and gets on base, but is 14th in the AL in home runs. Jimenez gives them the beef there and makes things more dynamic. The rotation boasts Lance Lynn and Carlos Rodon, both of whom are pitching like aces this season, and Lucas Giolito, who has been an ace before. Dallas Keuchel is a great fourth playoff starter which pushes the talented Dylan Cease to be a bullpen X-factor alongside Michael Kopech. Oh, and they have Liam Hendriks to close things down. This team has everything it needs to be an October powerhouse.

The White Six are the pick to win the 2021 World Series.

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