Start the Year on a Winning Note

NHL Jan 01, 2022

NHL says the Winter Classic will go on despite -17 temperatures at puck drop

SPREADS.CA offers boosted play on 2022 Winter Classic

Ever heard of free money?

Well, the money's free at SPREADS.CA, with a "sure thing."

The latest boosted play is a totals wager that pays 2-1.  What's the bet?  Well, the game must include a goal.  Actually, a half goal.  That's the Over/Under.

Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

Boosted plays at SPREADS are lots of fun.  They include props and parlays and even some crazy correlated wagers with betting limits of around $25.  But, they do offer an overlay, which means they pay out higher odds than is warranted by the prop.  So, it's called an overlay, or what gamblers refer to as a "positive expectation" wager.

This isn't just a positive expectation bet.  It's a wager that can't lose.  Of course, it's probably going to pay each winner about $10.  That's not earth shattering.  But hey, it's free money.  If you saw a $10 bill laying in the street would you reach down?  Might as well pick it up.

Also, check out the other NHL betting opportunities at SPREADS.CA.  (See how we did that – that's called the hook).  You can see the latest odds to win the 2021-22 Stanley Cup here: