Taking (Yet Another) Leap of Faith on the Mackenzie Hughes Express

Jun 25, 2020

Editor's Note:  Stoked with the house's money, Spreads.ca resident sports gambler Scott Wilson is taking another plunge this week on Canadian dark horse touring pro, Mackenzie Hughes.  He's jumping on the express just as it's leaving the station.


We all know what that word means as a sports gambler.

I see something that I missed; an opportunity that’s too late to jump on. Or is it? Because that ‘yikes’ can echo. Echo like a clout to the side of the head.

I ALWAYS bet the Canadian golfers. This goes back a long way. Did I have Mike Weir in 2003 when he won the Masters? Yes, I did. But it was same story as now, as in not from the get-go. Did I have Dave Barr when he won the Quad Cities Open in 1981? Well, no, I‘m not THAT old.

Late can be an okay thing as a gambler, a stock investor, or as a fashionable entrant to the party. Because late is better than never, to paraphrase the old adage.  Getting on a fast moving train to a great destination is a lot better than never jumping that train at all, isn’t it?

Right now that train even sounds like a locomotive company: The MacKenzie Hughes Express. It left the station early Thursday morning at 300 to 1. I hopped on many stops later at 8 am Pacific time and caught it down the line at 29 to 1. Not too shabby really, but as a guy that ALWAYS jumps on the Canadian golfers early, sleeping in may have cost me a first class ticket. Should have been up early. I should have conducted myself better!

Tonight, after the first round of play, the MacKenzie Hughes Express has pulled into the station at -10 and I’ve got a comfortable seat, a great view in the dinning car for the next three days, and I’m all out of railway references.

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Another Editor's Note:  Look for Mr. Wilson's posts on this golf wager and his other bets in the days and weeks ahead.  We're sure to (never hear the end of it) hear about it, if he wins.

Photo Credit:  Sportsnews.ca