NFL Week 15 Teaser Wheel Hub Team: Indianapolis Colts

NFL Dec 19, 2020

Teaser Wheel – It's been called the ultimate in NFL betting degeneracy, only for action junkies, stupid, exciting, and even brilliant....all of which is true.

In the previous article, we introduced the concept of betting the teaser wheel.  


Now, it's time to pick our hub team.  Remember, this team absolutely must cover the teased number, or else all the wagers will go down in flames.

This week's most attractive teaser play appears to be the Indianapolis Colts.  They are favored by -7.5 at home hosting the Houston Texans.  I recommend teasing the Colts down on what's known as the "basic strategy teaser" (a.k.a. the "Wong Teaser," named for Stanford Wong).  We tease across the key numbers – 7. 6, 4, and 3 – and end up laying -1.5.

The Colts laying less than a field goal looks like easy money.

Step 1, done.  So, we have the Colts -1.5.

Next, we must decide which other NFL teams in Week 15 are wise bets.

Step 2 now begins.  

Let's eliminate all the games where the line is - 5.5 or less.  The reason for eliminating these games is – if we play both sides to capture the 12-point middle, we are also crossing the zero, which gives up significant value.  Ideally, we like to bet teams favored by around a touchdown since than means we get the favorite at -1 and the underdog at +13.  That's a very sweet 12-point middle.

Note that five games this week fit the profile of teasing the favorite down to less than a field goal – which are the situations we want to target.  That will make for ten wagers.  Also note three more games are optional, which are not advised.  However, if you want to play the entire teaser wheel, that would be a total of 16 bets this week (Saturday through Monday night's games).

Based on the current odds at SPREADS.CA (check Canada's best betting site HERE), here are the most attractive teaser wheel middling opportunities:

BET #1 and #2:  INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -1.5 with....



BET #3 and #4:  INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -1.5 with....



BET #5 and #6:  INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -1.5 with....

SEATTLE -.5 (half point)


BET #7 and #8:  INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -1.5 with....

CLEVELAND -.5 (half point)


BET #9 and #10:  INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -1.5 with....

ARIZONA -.5 (half point)


Finally, here are three more games which are optional bets.  Be advised:  My view is, with the -120 vig price, the 12-point middle isn't enough to wager in these random 12-point middles, unlike the situation which applies to a favourite winning the game within the margins of Pick'em up to +12 points.  However, here are the three additional games for those who like to be in action without regards to +EV:

OPTIONAL BET #1 and #2:  INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -1.5 with....



OPTIONAL BET #3 and #4:  INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -1.5 with....



OPTIONAL BET #5 and #6:  INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -1.5 with....



Good luck!  It's teaser wheel time!