Teaser Wheel Time! Tampa Bay!

NFL Dec 26, 2020

Last week's teaser wheel cashed big!

We touted the Indianapolis Colts as our "hub team," which gave us the perfect set up to middle several other NFL games.

Result:  The teasers listed in last week's recommendation when 9 and 1!  CLICK HERE

If you want to read more about the concept of the Teaser Wheel (trademark – Nolan Dalla 2001), CLICK HERE.

This week, I'm going with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which are laying -9 to the Detroit Lions.  I recommend an unusual wager on this occasion, which is to lay -130 on every teaser, but we pick up the extra half point (getting +6.5).  So, the Bucs are laying -2.5 instead of -3 as the teaser hub.

This is more of an against Detroit play.  The Lions coaching staff is on COVID alert.  Several coaches, including the head coach and offensive coordinator, will not be on the field nor in the stadium.  So, a wide receivers coach will be calling plays for the inept Lions.  Add the fact Tampa Bay is in a playoff fight to host a game in January, and the favoured Bucs should roll here.

What games and teams are we adding to the Tampa Bay Bucs on the other half of the teasers?  Remember, we throw out all games where we cross the zero with either team and as a rule only bet games within the "pick 'em" to +17 range. Ideally, we are betting games where the pointspread is -6 to -8.5.

Consider these 5 games which makes 10 bets:

Tampa Bay -2.5 as the hub team with (each of these sides):

Bets #1 and #2:  NY Jets +16 and Cleveland -3

Bets #3 and #4:  Jacksonville +14 and Chicago -1

Bets #5 and #6:  Atlanta +17 and Kansas City -4

Bets 7 and #8:  New England +13.5 and Buffalo -half point

Let's hope this week's teaser wheel continues to roll!

Good luck!