The Best and Worst NBA Teams Against the Spread

Basketball Feb 09, 2021

With about a third of the NBA regular season now complete, here's a look at all the teams according to their straight up records, against-the-spread results, and over/under figures.


No surprise, the red-hot Utah Jazz with the best record in the NBA right now (19-5) are also the best return-on-investment for bettors.  The Jazz have gone 17-7 against the number.  Utah backers have been counting their winnings.

Conversely, the Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets, and Dallas Mavericks have been the worst money burners.  Miami, in particularly, as been dreadful.  They've posted a woeful 8-14-1 result versus the line.

Here's the official pointspread results as of Feb. 8th:


It's also no surprise the Brooklyn Nets, which score lots of points but play no defense have been the best "over" bet in the league, so far.  Brooklyn is crushing totals this season, going over in 18 of 25 games.  The Denver Nuggets are also right there, with 16 overs and just 6 unders this season.

The other side of the totals equation is the Atlanta Hawks, who are an "under" bettors dream.  The Hawks have gone under the closing number in 16 of 23 games this season.  Incredibly, the LA Lakers are even more likely to go under the total.  The defending champs are 7-17 to the under this season, which is probably a big surprise to many bettors and fans.

Here's the official totals results as of Feb. 8th:

Of course, this doesn't mean these same results and trends will continue.  

Teams have a tendency to return-to-the-mean, especially as oddsmakers make adjustments based on previous results.  That said, there still may be some value to riding these trends at least until the All-Star break (about three weeks away).