The Best Season Wins Total Bet in Baseball

Baseball Apr 05, 2022

Why the San Francisco Giants are a good bet to go OVER 87 regular season wins.

The San Francisco Giants won 107 games last year during the regular season. That's a franchise best, as in – most wins ever in team history.

Now, the Giants are expected to win....drum roll please....87 games.

That's a 20-game drop off from last season.

Where's the respect?

That's precisely the line of thinking by NBC Sports' Shawn Estes, who stated:

"Wow, where's the respect? 107 wins last year and predicted to win around 84, 85 games this year, that seems a little ridiculous," Estes said on the Giants Season Preview show. "The rotation is better than last year, the bullpen was the best bullpen in baseball last year, they're all coming back. The offense is one of the best offenses in baseball. Yes, they're missing Buster Posey, but a 23-game swing by not having Buster Posey? I don't think so."

Note the season wins on the Giants has increased now, and is up to 87.  But that's still a good value.

The Giants are still the second-best team in the AL West.  The pitching remains solid and this was a very good offense, last season.  Since the NL will adopt the DH for the first time this season, that probably helps above-average hitting teams like San Francisco.

It will be next to impossible for the Giants to repeat their 107-game wins in 2022. That's a once-in-a-generation monument for any baseball franchise.  But this team could still win in the 90s, and even if they fall off and lose some games they won last season, San Francisco remains a well above average team.

We see the Giants as the best bet on the board as a season wins total to go OVER 87.  We like the Giants all the way up to 89.