The best team promotions in MLB this season Feb 24, 2020

By Will Leitch  @williamfleitch

Going to baseball games is fun on its own, without any extra swag added. But if you get a chance to get some swag … you should get some swag. We are as much a sucker for ballpark swag as anyone. We even have our own bobblehead wall.

Thus today at the Thirty, we take a look at the most fun promotions on every team’s schedule this upcoming season. Every one of these would make the loveliest conversation piece at your home.


Blue Jays: Sitcom Night, July 17. This appears to be mostly “Friends”-related -- we now note that most of the star players on this team were barely walking when this show left the air -- but since this is Canada, we hope there are some “Schitt’s Creek” shoutouts, as well.

Orioles: 25th Anniversary of 2,131, Sept. 6. Yep, somehow it has been 25 years since Cal Ripken Jr. broke Lou Gehrig’s consecutive-games-played record. Celebrate with a Ripken bobblehead and a reminder of just how old you are.

Rays: Yandy Díaz Beach Tank, May 31. Díaz is jacked, and your 14-and-under child can get a workout tank top with Díaz flexing. There will be a bobblehead of Díaz in WWE gear on March 31.

Red Sox: Manny HOF Series Bobblehead, May 19. Manny Ramírez might not be getting a lot of Cooperstown traction, but they’ll always love him in Boston.

Yankees: Gerrit Cole Top Gun Bobblehead Day, May 23. There are a few "Top Gun" related promotions this year, but Cole's got a little bit of a Maverick vibe, doesn't he?


Indians: 1920 Cap, July 31. When your team celebrates 100 years since a championship season, you can get a free hat, too.

Royals: Jackie Robinson Monarchs Tee, May 17. There’s no better time to honor Robinson’s time with the Kansas City Monarchs than when the Dodgers are in town.

Tigers: Niko Goodrum Desk Mate Bobblehead, July 17. You have to love a bobblehead that, unlike most bobbleheads, has an actual utility: You can use this to sort all your stray, loose office items.

Twins: 30 HR Bomba Club Bobblehead, June 27. We haven’t seen any pictures of the bobblehead, but good luck fitting Sano/Kepler/Cruz/Rosario/Garver all on one bobblehead.

White Sox: Tim Anderson Bat Flip Bobblehead, May 30. Nothing guarantees you’ll offend your older relatives than having a bobblehead with a guy flipping his bat.


Angels: Cowbell, May 15. Suffice it to say, there might be some unusual sounds coming out of Anaheim in mid-May. We know what the only prescription is, too.

Astros: Still waiting, Astros. You can forgive the public relations department for not having this one ready yet. They’ve been a little busy.

Athletics: Matt2Matt Bobblehead, Aug. 1. A dual bobblehead with Matt Chapman and Matt Olson is everything the A’s are about right now.

Mariners: J.P. Crawford Pajama Pant Night, May 15. When you’re running promotions for the Mariners right now, you have to get creative.

Rangers: Roaring '20s Night, April 24. This features a bobblehead of Joey Gallo in 1920s garb, as “The Great Batsby.”


Braves: Ozzie Albies Chain, April 5. For kids 14 and under, here’s something to make sure you don’t get caught around your neck while sliding.

Marlins: Still waiting, Marlins. They’ve got to end up giving something away for Jeter’s HOF induction, no?

Mets: Mrs. Met as DC Comics' Wonder Woman Bobblehead, May 30. Two great American heroes finally team up as one.

Nationals: Victor Robles Bobblehead, June 3. He didn’t have the instant impact of Juan Soto -- who is younger, but already considered a superstar by our standards -- but all that talent is still in there.

Phillies: Roy Halladay Number Retirement Night, May 29. The Phillies will honor the late Hall of Famer with a retired number and a mini-statue for all fans.


Brewers: Bob Uecker "Talking" Bobblehead, June 28. Honestly, it would be wrong for a Uecker bobblehead not to talk.

Cardinals: Ted Simmons Bobblehead, June 19. The new Hall of Famer gets the love from Cardinals Nation ahead of his induction into Cooperstown in July.

Cubs: Craig Kimbrel Grow-a-Beard, May 9. Details are still to come on this one, but suffice it to say, we didn’t see a lot of fake Kimbrel beards around Wrigley Field last year.

Pirates: Josh Bell Bobblehead, July 4. To honor the two homers Bell hit into the Allegheny last year, this features him not with a bat, but with a fishing pole.

Reds: Queen City Sluggers Triple Bobblehead, April 25. Three generations of home run hitters are honored with this tri-bobblehead, featuring Ted Kluszewski, George Foster and Eugenio Suárez.


D-backs: MadBum Bobblehead, July 18. Perhaps by this point, we will all be used to seeing him in this uniform.

Dodgers: Vin Scully Bobblehead, July 16. The Dodgers are giving away a ton of bobbleheads this year, but this is still the best one.

Giants: "Buster Hugs" Neck Pillow, May 30. When you’ve played with the team as long as Buster Posey has, you have to strain to keep coming up with new promotions.

Padres: Shirts Off Their Backs Ceremony, Sept. 27. Whatever gets us closer to wearing the revived old-school jersey will work for us.

Rockies: Still waiting, Rockies. To be fair: Casting Nolan Arenado promotions too far into the future is asking for trouble.


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