The Dog Days of Summer in Sportsbetting

Other Jun 28, 2022

The NHL season is over. The NBA is done. The NFL is still two months away. That leaves the CFL and MLB. But there are plenty of other options for sports bettors. Now is the perfect chance to consider alternative sporting events and think about other ways to have fun and make a profit.

I'm so bored that I might make my first bet on badminton.

Yes, at SPREADS.CA, you can bet on Malaysian badminton – both the men's and women's matchups, which are now in full season.

Or, how about darts?

There are 20 darts matches tomorrow, which can even be watched online.  How exactly does someone handicap a darts match?  I don't know, but there's lots of action on darts, especially in the U.K.

If that's too crazy for you, there's Gaelic hurling and Gaelic football listed at SPREADS.CA.  I've done some hurling before, but let's not talk about that Saturday night after I went bar hopping.

Snooker?  That's on the menu, too.  Betting on snooker is huge in some countries. Some handicappers even insist these types of skill games are MORE predictable than the traditional team sports.  That's something to ponder after coming out of an up and down NHL and NBA season.

Of course, this just scratches the surface.  At SPREADS.CA, there are fights, car races, elections, awards shows – in addition to all the golf and tennis matches happening this summer.  Wimbledon anyone?

In the coming weeks, we'll be doing our best to offer a few suggestions on Major League Baseball, and of course, the Canadian Football League, which is in mid-season form.  We'll also provide lots of coverage and opinions on the upcoming NFL season, which starts in two months.

So, there's still plenty going on in sports. There are numerous opportunities to expand our horizons and look at new games to bet one – and this is the perfect time.

Meanwhile, here's to the dog days of summer!  Let the underdogs bark loud, especially when we bet on them!