The Happy Gilmore Parlay

Golf Aug 05, 2020

Who wants to turn $1 into $19.50? Ten to $195? OK, a hundred into almost 2 grand? That's the multiple you get on today's unique Happy Gilmore parlay.

What's a Gilmore parlay you ask? Why of course it involves a hockey game to start, and in today's case it's the Vancouver Canucks to bounce back at just better than even money (a good bet on its own I might add) in game 2 of their qualifier series against the Minnesota Wild tonight. The second leg of the Gilmore parlay is a golf bet. Brooks Koepka is 9/1 to win this weekend's PGA Championship......something he's done the last two years in a row. Did someone say 3-peat?

That's action on tonight and assuming, which I confidently do, that game works out in favour of the boys in blue and green, we move on to the weekend with our multiplier working for us as we watch Koepka try to do what no one has done since Walter Hagen won FOUR PGA Championships in a row back almost 100 years ago in 1924, 1925, 1926, and 1927. Brooks is the favourite in the event after a strong showing last weekend where he was well in position to win having been first round leader, and only a couple back of Justin Thomas as he got to the last couple of holes. Unfortunately, he found the water and that solidified his spot in a tie for runner up. Hopefully he uses that remembrance to pull off a spectacular feat this weekend.