The May 24?

May 21, 2020
Photo by Alex Korolkoff / Unsplash

If we do get the NHL playoffs this year, and it sounds like we're inching closer towards that, we will see the most Canadian teams in the post season since 1993. That year was also the last time the Stanley Cup spent the offseason in Canada.....well, not including the trips winning players have taken the storied trophy on to cottages, fishing trips, and home towns north of the 49th.

1993 was the last time six Canadian teams were in the playoffs. With the format being discussed of 12 teams from the East and 12 from the West, all of which were  over .500 at the time of the stoppage, Canada has its best shot in some time at bringing Lord Stanley home this year. Not its best mathimatical shot; as we've had 5 Canadian teams of the 16 teams in the playoffs secure a spot in 1996, 2015, and 2017. However, with four of the 12 in the West, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg, and two in the East being Toronto and Montreal, there's reason for optimism.

The logistics and details of where this tournament could potententially play out are all yet to be determined, but in Canada, BC Premier John Horgan is making his pitch for British Columbia to be a hub spot for games. The province hosted the Olympics in 2011. With its number of suitable hockey facilities and perhaps more importantly, it's COVID-19 statistics realtive to other options, it should give the NHL strong reason for a consideration.

Here's to hoping we get some good news soon!