The NFL's Biggest Surprise

NFL Oct 30, 2022


Wasn't the NFC East supposed to be the worst division in the NFL?

Right now, it's the best – by a wide margin.

NFC East teams are a combined 23-8-0 this season.  Half of those losses were to each other, which means NFC East teams are a combined 19-4 versus the rest of the league.

The NFC East has the league's only undefeated team (Philadelphia).  And if the season were to end today as we approach midseason, three NFC East teams would be in the playoffs.

Oh, and gamblers who bet on NFC teams love them right now.  The four teams in this division are a combined 21-10 ATS, also best in the NFL.

This has been a 2022 regular season filled with surprises.  But nothing is bigger than this, so far.

2022 NFL Regular Season – All Teams vs. the Spread: