The Secret to Enjoying Sh*tty Football

Football Sep 24, 2020

It's Thursday night.  Time for another shitty NFL game!

Last week, the the Thursday night schedule opened with 0-1 Cincinnati at 0-1 Cleveland.  What excitement!  That is, if you bet the Browns.

Tonight's feature attraction offers football fans the 0-2 Miami Dolphins against the 1-1 Jacksonville Jaguars in a pig pen game likely to be interesting to only one segment of viewers....


Hey, when you've got money riding on the winner, every game is the Super Bowl.

Tonight's Miami-Jacksonville match-up provides us with mesmerizing opportunity to marvel in the special quarterbacking skill sets of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Gardner Minshew – which won't exactly cause any rearranging of the bronze statues at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  But hey, if you're with me and laying the points with the Jags, Gardner Minshew II is our man!

Kidding aside, let's give Jacksonville their due.  They're 2-0 against the spread and playing much better than projected.  Many thought this would be the NFL's worst team, but the cats have fought fiercely in both games and now face easily their softest foe.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins played an equally tough slate of opponents – New England and Buffalo, roaring back to get a push in the later contest on Sunday.  Miami always seems to play their best when least expected.  This team has covered in 9 of their last 13 games.

Nonetheless, I'm leaning heavily to Jacksonville tonight.  The visiting teams on the short week are simply at a disadvantage that's not factored nearly enough into the line.  The Jags are laying -3 in this game.  That's a normal pointspread for two teams of this caliber.  However, I'm convinced the home field on Thursday, even with fan support reduced, is worth another point or two.

So far, in both Thursday night games, home teams have won and covered easily.  

Don't tell me this is a shitty football game, unless I lose money.

I'll be making my bet, and watching, and cheering, and yelling.

Go Jaguars!