This Man Went 5-0 Last Week

NFL Jan 09, 2022

Week 18 Football Picks from Billy the Greek

Let's give credit where it's due.

The pride and joy of Toronto, Billy Georgitsakis, a.k.a. "the Greek," is enjoying a monster year.  He's CRUSHING IT.  Who could have predicted the NFL's hottest handicapper would be a Canadian?

He's now at 77-34 going into Week 18, which is as strong as anyone in the business who releases NFL picks free to the public.  He's gone 19-3 the past three weeks. This record is phenomenal.  Please find anyone releasing free picks, or paid picks for that matter, who has publicly posted that record (BS for-pay picks hidden behind a paywall don't count).

Oh, and last week we posted Billy's video – and he went 5-0.  Yep, FIVE and OH.

Listen, we don't tout pay-for-picks or hype bullshitters.  But let's give this man some props.

The Greek has appeared on POINTSPREADS.CA plenty of times in the past, and we're glad to share the love.

Here's his 4-minute video with this week's free picks for this week's games.

Just win, baby!


Billy Georgitsakis
77-34 on the year 5-0 last week 19-3 over the last 3 GB -4 CHI +4.5 Hou +11 LAR -3.5 Sea +6.5 LV +3