This Week's Boosted Odds

Other Nov 03, 2021

"Boosted Odds" offer bettors an overlay at


That's the sweet sound of a money boost.

You think it's impossible to have the best of it in sports gambling, a theoretical positive expectation?  Well, consider this. frequently offers boosted odds to bettors. lists boosted odds regularly on the home page.  There's a special section on the top left-hand corner.  Just click and check out all the action.

Best of all, you aren't even required to have an account to see the boosted odds. But after seeing the bonus numbers, often with ten percent added to the actual value of the wager, you might want to join and make a deposit.  

The coolest thing of all is this – boosted odds and betting is fun.  We'll bet on anything!  And, we'll take bets on just about anything, too!

For example, check out a parlay which offers three NFL teams as a package.  We call this one the "Kitty Cat Litter Box Booster."  All that must happen to win a big payout is – the "kitty" teams (Panthers, Jaguars, and Bengals) must all win.  That's it!  This 3-team parlay pays 31-1!

See, we told you boosted odds are fun (and perhaps even profitable!).

Here's a more simple boosted odds parlay, which applies to the NFL's Thursday night game between the Jets and Colts.  To win this bet, the NY Jets must cover +10.5 AND the game total must go over 46.

We'll have many more of these boosted odds options going forward.  In fact, you will see them for almost all sports.

Don't forget about Grand Salamis in the NHL, too!  READ MORE ABOUT GRAND SALAMI BETTING HERE

Now, go scoop that litter box!