Thursday Night Toilet Bowl: Denver at NY Jets

NFL Oct 01, 2020

Another Thursday night.  Another horrible NFL game.

Denver, winless at 0-3. visits the NY Jets, also winless and 0-3.  Both teams are a combined 2-4 against-the-spread.  The Broncos' offense ranks 29th in the league.  The Jets' offense ranks dead last, at 32nd.

So, am I going to watch?

You bet!  Or rather – yes, because I made a bet!  Gotta' watch my money win!

This game comes down to who wants it more.  The Jets have looked awful on both sides of the ball.  Meanwhile, Denver played Tennessee in the season opener, and got the cover in Pittsburgh – both losses.  However, when the Broncos had to start the horrible backup quarterback Jeff Driskell last week (career record as a starter:  1-8), that was too much to overcome.  Driskell looked completely lost during the entire game, and he was facing at best a mediocre defense (Tampa Bay).

Diskell was so bad, Denver decided to give Brett Rypien his first NFL start on Thursday.  He's never taken and NFL snap, but he's starting a road game with little or no preparation.  This should be disastrous.  

Maybe Rypien will turn out to be a decent QB.  Who knows?  But two weeks ago, Rypien was a third-stringer holding a clipboard on the sidelines.  Now, he's getting the start.  I'll fade that.

Strange as it sounds when facing a winless opponent, Denver should be at a decisive disadvantage in this game, especially since they travel to the East Coast on a short week.  It's hard to see how Denver's offense will score many points, given how bad they've looked on that side of the ball and given the QB issue.

Meanwhile, the NY Jets are likely to fire head coach AdamGase if they lose this game.  There will be no excuse for the Jets to lose to Denver, starting a woeful backup quarterback.  Those situations don't always motivate players, but here I expect it will.  The Jets, bad as they are, have always played much better at home versus away.  They've also faced three tough opponents – San Francisco, Buffalo, and Indianapolis.  This is a massive letdown in opposition.

Tonight, I'm on the NY Jets -2.  

This might be a toilet bowl, but it's going to smell like a rose if we win money.