Tom Brady Now Favoured to Win the NFL MVP

NFL Nov 22, 2021

After two wild weeks of upsets, injuries, missed games, and controversies, the NFL's Most Valuable Player race is led by....the 44-year-old G.O.A.T.

Last week, we speculated that Tom Brady might do the unthinkable – win the NFL MVP at an age where he's old enough to be many of his competitors' father. Brady doesn't defy father time.  Try grandfather time.

Back on Nov. 17th, he was the second choice among NFL players, behind Josh Allen.  Now, Brady is favoured.  And this was before the Bucs demolition of the Giants on Monday Night Football.  

It now appears only about ten players (if that many) have a realistic chance of becoming the 2021 MVP.  Toss out the previous long shots Ryan Tannehill (Tennessee), Derek Carr (Las Vegas), and others who basically eliminated themselves with dreadful performances in Week 11.

What's shocking from the list above is the absence of Mac Jones (New England), who is suddenly leading the NFL's hottest team.  Check out Jones's stats this season and note the steady improvement he's making from week to week:

Let's also dispel the absurd notion that Matthew Stafford is an MVP-caliber quarterback.  He's not.  The Rams will surely make the playoffs and Stafford can put up big numbers (often when it matters least).  But having him ranked as the fourth choice in the MVP race is, well....preposterous.

Live candidates appear to be Brady, Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay) and Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City), who has quietly won four straight games.  In other words, it's the same three QBs we expected all along heading into the 2021 season.