UFC Fight Night

Other Oct 31, 2020

Saturday Night is huge for boxing and UFC fans.  We've already posted NINE picks today on boxing.  Here's the breakdown of UFC match-ups.


Anderson Silva (+180)  vs  Uriah Hall (-250)

Breakdown: Anderson Silva is making his last stand in the UFC with his fight against Uriah Hall. In his farewell match, he’s facing a knockout artist and if he isn’t careful, might get met with the same fate. Hall is coming having won 10 of his 15 by knockout. Silva is coming in having lost 5 of his last 6 dating to 2013. At 45 he isn’t the same as the champion we knew, but the fight IQ is still there. For him to win this match he would need to avoid the power of Uriah for 5 rounds and that is a tough ask for someone his age. Uriah has more of the power, and I see Anderson looking as human as ever, while Hall secures a win to boost his legacy as a fighter.

Pick: Uriah Hall Bonus: KO in the 3rd Round

Bryce Mitchell (-140)  vs  Andre Fili (+110)

Breakdown: This fight has “Fight of the Night” written all over it. Both fighters have the ability to take it to the ground and on top of that the striking of Fili should bring out the best in Mitchell. Mitchell has a clear advantage on the ground whether it’s off his back or off the top. He does have the ability to initiate the takedown and bring the fight down himself, a weakness for many submission specialists. I see the stand-up game slightly favor Fili, but Mitchell can more than well hold his own. Although Fili outstrikes Mitchell on a 4 to 2 advantage on a per-minute basis, Mitchell is more accurate at 60% compared to 35% and absorbs less at a 1.3 to 4 shot ratio. Fili takes more than he gives and as long as Mitchell stays the course, the stand-up game could allow him to accumulate more strikes and win over the judges if this goes to a decision. Mitchell is sure to try and take this fight down and if he’s able to get respect for his stand-up game, that will make this all the more beneficial when taking a shot for a takedown. Fili has the ability to win this fight and by no means is this a cakewalk, but Mitchell is 13-0 with 9 submissions for a reason. Mitchell wears out Fili and submits him in the third.

Pick: Bryce Mitchell Bonus: Submission in the 3rd Round

Kevin Holland (-875)  vs  Charlie Ontiveros (+475)

Breakdown: Charlie Ontiveros is coming in on short notice and going up in weight. For Kevin Holland, I don’t see any way he can really lose this fight. He’s a much better striker although Ontiveros offers some fun striking ability. If he tries to make a name off Holland, we will see Kevin really in his element. He’s going to beat up on Ontiveros and then talk to him while he does it until he knocks you out. Holland is the much better wrestler as well and in this fight, he’s going to be the one who imposes his will and takes the win.

Pick: Kevin Holland Bonus: KO in the 2nd Round

Greg Hardy (-385)  vs  Maurice Greene (+255)

Breakdown: In this heavyweight bout, you’d have to give the power advantage to Hardy, but Greene does seem to have an advantage in technical ability. Hardy comes in fighting his 6th UFC fight, and he seems to grow in between every fight. If he comes in and catches Greene once, that’s going to be it. On the other hand, Greene has to play a very safe fight to win. If he’s been working on his wrestling, attempting to get Hardy on his back would neutralize the power and wear him out. We haven’t seen that from Greene yet and by looking at what you know in this fight, Hardy is a level above Greene in the striking department and this can be a quick night for him if he’s coming looking to make a splash in the Heavyweight division.

Pick: Greg Hardy Bonus: KO in the 1st Round

Bobby Green (-350)  vs  Thiago Moises (+235)

Breakdown: Bobby Green is having a career resurrection. He’s going for his 4th win this year and is working his way up the rankings. He’s seemed to put it all together with his wrestling and his striking. Moises is still young at 25 and he still has a lot of room to grow. Bobby Green has the technical advantage on the feet and also has the ability to dictate the takedowns. If this fight gets into the clinch, we could see Green get those knees to the body working and he also does a good job of digging underhooks into a body lock takedown. If he decides to keep it standing, he will have an edge on the feet and has a 75% takedown defense if he decides to keep it standing. Moises best shot is to try to submit Green, but it is unlikely that we see Green end up on his back, thus we are taking Green by decision.

Pick: Bobby Green Bonus: Decision

-- by Three-Piece Combo

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