Oakland A's Find New Way To Draw Fans -- Sex in the Stands

Other Aug 22, 2022

Field of Dreams:  It might look like a shitty seat, but not for one lucky dude at yesterday's Oakland A's game.  That's the best seat in the house!

A couple was filmed engaging in a "sex act" in the upper deck at the Oakland Coliseum on Sunday afternoon.

The two Oakland A's fans were accused of going at it in the middle  of the Athletics' game with the Seattle Mariners.  So much for the claim that baseball is "boring." Not for the champ in the upper mezzanine, row G, Seat 5.  A spectator seated in another part of the stadium captured the two lovebirds getting it on in one of the last rows of the venue.

Footage appears to show the woman performing oral sex on the man for several seconds.

Seconds.  Huh?

Up your game, pal!

An Oakland Police Dept. spokesperson says cops are aware of the allegations ... and have launched a probe into the matter.

"The Oakland Police Department was not alerted to this until after the game," the spokesperson said, "and we have initiated an investigation."

Oh, boy.

If charged and ultimately convicted, we're told the penalty for the offense is up to 6 months behind bars and/or a fine of up to $1,000.

Oakland won the thriller versus Seattle 5-3.  

Can we get season tickets?