Christmas in August: Even More Betting Recommendations on NFL Futures

NFL Aug 09, 2021

Earlier, in PART 1, we discussed NFL futures, including Super Bowl betting values, MVP odds, and the base numbers on division winners, along with some of our picks and recommendations.

Then, in PART 2, we examined which division and conference might produce the Super Bowl winner, possible jumps from last place to first place, divisional parlays, and more.

Now, in PART 3, which you are reading now, let's dig deeper into the futures markets for the 2021 NFL season on more categories.

Each of the following odds listed on the charts are the numbers currently available at SPREADS.CA, which offers the most extensive menu of NFL futures and props.  Indeed, SPREADS.CA numerous wagering options are even better than anything a bettor will find in Las Vegas.  

In my 40 years of wagering on the NFL, I've never seen a more extensive pre-season menu of betting possibilities than heading into this season.

Let's now take a look at more futures and propositions.  Note that this is the third of several upcoming articles on NFL futures and propositions which will be posted leading up the regular season kickoff in September.  So, please check back later for more.

Who will be the Offensive Rookie of the Year:  No surprise, top draft pick Trevor Lawrence who might start his rookie season as quarterback for the Jaguars, is the overwhelming consensus favourite to win the award.  Big names do tend to win in this category.  The only issue is – will Lawrence take enough snaps this season to justify being listed only at 4-1 odds?  Kyle Pitts, who may have an immediate impact for the Falcons and has veteran Matt Ryan delivering the ball in what might be lots of passing situations strikes me as a far wiser wager in this category, which pays +850.  Other players could also stand out so long as they start enough games, which is the key to winning this award.  Note this is not all the players listed.  The complete list with odds can be found at SPREADS.CA.

Who will be the Defensive Rookie of the Year:  We have the luxury of having seen Micah Parsons already play a game for the Cowboys, and he was spectacular.  So, Parson's numbers here as the favourite seem justified.  Defensive rookies who are high draft picks tend to start immediately, so Parsons and others will get the reps, which means they'll be solid contenders.  Parsons' numbers line up perfectly for the win because Dallas was atrocious defensively last season.  Any improvement combined with a rebound by the offensive probably give Parsons this award, so long as he stays healthy.  Other contenders will be appealing, especially at their prices, but this prize is Parsons to lose, especially given what we saw in the first preseason game, which drew raves.  Note that the complete list with odds can be found at SPREADS.CA.

Quarterbacks Passing Yardage (Season) Over/Unders:  Here's a fun category.  We have every presume NFL starting quarterback listed with the presumptive passing yardage they will accrue for the season.  This category can be tricky.  Look for lots of quarterbacks with either mediocre of losing records to generate big passing yardage numbers.  Winning teams tend to be more balanced and don't have to pass the ball late in games, and won't generate cheap numbers against prevent defenses.  Look for Pittsburgh to revert back to the run more this season, which could make Ben Roethlisberger a solid UNDER wager.  His age and history with injuries also helps the prop to go UNDER.  However, also note there are 17 regular season games this season (not 16), so there's not a perfectly lateral model based on historical numbers.  You can see all the quarterbacks listed – the complete list with odds can be found at SPREADS.CA.

Quarterbacks Passing Touchdowns (Season) Over/Unders:  Here's an extension of the previous category.   The complete list with odds can be found at SPREADS.CA.

More to come....

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