NFL Week 1: What We Learned

Football Sep 12, 2021

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Here are some takeaways from the NFL's opening week:

(1)  Is there anyone remaining who doesn't concur that Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T?  Love him or hate him, he's doing something no one has ever seen.  At 44, he's playing better than he was ten years ago.  Thursday Night– 32 of 50, 374 yards, 4 touchdowns, and the game-winning drive.  Just another day at the office for Brady.

(2)  If there's such a thing as a positive loss, Dallas' 2-point heartbreaking defeat to Tampa Bay was it.  Yeah, the Cowboys blew a great opportunity to shock the NFL with a road win over the Super Bowl champions.  But they played a valiant game. Even better news for the Cowboys--Dak Prescott's shoulder is just fine.  Looks like he'll have a monster season.

(3)  I've touted this since the start of the pre-season.  Bet Colts games UNDER.  Many bettors are lost in the past with totals in the 50s on the Colts.  This will not be a high-scoring team with Carson Palmer at QB and a decent Indy defense.  Pay attention.  There's money to be made fading public misperceptions on this team.  We touted UNDER 50.5 earlier in the week and the game never had a shot of going OVER the number.

(4)  Kudos to the Detroit Lions for almost pulling off the most shocking come from behind win imaginable.  Down by three TDs late in the 4th quarter, the Lions were on the 25-yard line of the 49ers with a 1st down and came very close to tying this game.  Anyone who didn't grab 49ers early in the week at -7.5 and took the sucker number -9 at the close – well, that sucks.  Bet numbers, not teams.  

(5)  It's official.  The Jaguars are now the NFL's worst team.  When you lose to the WORST TEAM (Houston) by 16, that makes you the worst team. BTW, did anyone really lay points with the Jags?  Really?  Do people realize the Jacksonville QB and staff have never coached in the NFL before?  Fact:  Even the NFL's worst team with experience usually beats inexperience.

(6)  Okay, maybe the Atlanta Falcons are the NFL's worst team.  That's a valid argument now, after the Falcon's got blown out at home by the woeful Eagles.  It's time for Matt Ryan to take a hike.  Not that it's his fault.  But he's turning into Joe Flacco.

(7)  Gutsiest win of the week:  Pittsburgh Steelers.  They were down 10-0 at halftime and looked totally out of it.  Then, the Steelers rattled off 23 second half points and destroyed a Buffalo team that really struggled on offense.

(8)  Credit the LA Chargers for the win at Washington.  Everyone in the betting world seemed to be on the host team getting +2, but the Chargers lived up to the prediction they might be a contender by winning and covering.  Look out, AFC West – the Chargers are back!

(9)  The Vikings are a disgrace.  What an embarrassing lose.  Losing at Cincinnati has no excuses.  Also, credit the Bengals for a scrappy win.  They'll probably finish 7-10 but this game show they might pull off a few upsets.

(10)  Let's bury the NFC North.  Its four teams went 0-4.  On the bright side, Detroit, Chicago, Green Bay, and Minnesota are all tied for first place!

(11). The NFC West showed they're the best division in football, with four playoff contenders.  There's not an easy game against any of the teams in this division – Seattle, San Francisco, LA Rams, and Arizona.

(12)  Speaking of Arizona, just wow!  Super effort today at Tennessee.  They dominated this game.  The defense also looks much better.  Look out!  Cardinals on the rise!

(13) New York football teams suck.  Nothing new there.  The sad part is, the Giants and Jets looked so pathetic in both games.  Both offenses are horrid.  And if I was a Giants' fan, I'd be really worried.  The Jets are still young and have a new QB.  The Giants' staff which has been together with this same group of players into a second season has no excuses.  And S. Barkley is overrated.

(14)  Brutal loss for the Cleveland Browns who had their chances to beat Kansas City.  The Browns are certainly a Super Bowl contender.  There's no shame in taking Kansas City – a great September team but SU and ATS – down to the wire. Great football by both teams.  Maybe this was a preview of the AFC title game. Yeah, we know it's early.

(15)  Another gutsy win by the Dolphins, which got somewhat lucky at the end of the game with a New England turnover.  Watch this Miami defense.  This team might win 11 games this season and could take the AFC East if they stay stable at QB.  Right now, they're alone in first place for the first time in a very long time.

(16)  We touted the New Orleans Saints as UNDERRATED and UNDERVALUED this season.  After they waxed Green Bay by five touchdowns on a neutral field on Sunday, how's that forecast looking?  And what were Packer's backers thinking then they bet the false favourite at -3.5?   We had the Saints.  Great contrarian value.  FADE THE PUBLIC, okay?

(17)  Note to Aaron Rodgers:  How was your weekend?

(18)  Note to Chicago Bears fans:  Don't burn down the stadium when Andy Dalton is your starter next week.  Patience, please.

(19)  Note to football fans boycotting the NFL:  We don't believe you.  You aren't boycotting anything.  

(20)  Note to CFL fans:  Lock it up – Winnipeg Blue Bombers, 2021 Grey Cup Champions!  


  1. Tampa Bay
  2. Kansas City
  3. New Orleans
  4. LA Rams
  5. Pittsburgh
  6. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (just for fun)


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