Friday’s Canucks vs Golden Knights Game 7

Hockey Sep 04, 2020

We've got two games tonight that are going the distance. I've been watching the Vancouver Canucks and Golden Knights series much more closely and that's the game that has me digging into the prop bet tickle trunk this afternoon to see what I can pull out. (yes, that's a Mr. Dressup reference)

Off the bat, the fun bet that has me feeling the trend is my friend until it ends is a Thatcher Demko encore performance. That's right, I'm calling for back-to-back shutouts. The kid has come in in relief of Markstrom and he's stopped 90 of 91 shots he's seen over the course of two games. Just a ridiculous performance. If you want to take a flyer, spelled with a small f as not to be confused with the other game that's on tonight preceeding this match up, then I have your flyer.

I'm not sure why it's not more easily listed on as 'Canuck shutout', but it's there. $10 bet on Demko shutting the door yet again tonight with zero pucks to cross the line on him tonight, that $10 bet returns $190.75. It's a longshot, sure, but the kid is on fire!

As a follow up couple of bets that are related that may be an easier challenge to accomplish tonight, I am also taking the Canucks to win in regular time. No Overtime. If the game goes to overtime then both of these wagers would lose as the  shutout bet is only inclusive of regular time, ie, the buzzer after the 3rd period. It would be a bit of a bad beat to shutout the game in OT, but that's the risk we're taking here with this bet.

Canucks in regular time, as seen above, is almost a 3-to-1 pay off. $10 on Canucks to win in regular time would turn into $39.95. Or if you want to include overtime in your bet then the payout sheds 1.20 in the multipler. $10 would still turn into $27.75.

Here's another bet to make, again only looking at the Canuck side of things. If you expect the same type of performance as last night from the Canuck snipers, irrespective of whether Demko shuts the door or not,  these bets are good even if the Canucks don't get the W tonight. This bet is simply a bet on how many goals the Canucks will score tonight. The higher the number you pick, the higher the odds you'll get.

I'm feeling like 4 goals, like last night, is an achievable number. Over 3.5 goals, and as you can see this has to be in regular time and overtime does not count. Over 3.5 is a @3.95 payoff, just like the bet for the Canucks to win in regular time.

I'll outline a few bets and what can happen if we make them all as a fun view of the game's possibilities betting the Canuck side of things.

What about the exact winning margin? Unlike the above bet where it's a number to achieve and anything after that is good by us, the winning margin is a prediction on the EXACT margin of victory. Odds are obviously commensurate with the accuracy of that prognostication.

I think the Canucks repeat exactly last night's win with another 4-0 tonight. How do we get there? With a couple early goals, the Canucks protect the lead, and they get a couple of empty nets late in the match as the Knights pull the goalie with 4-5 minutes left in the game.

So what do all these bets look like collectively? Here's what I've got:

$10 to win in regular time (@3.95)

$10 to win by 4 (@35.00)

$10 on Canucks to score over 3.5 goals (@3.95)

$10 on a Canucks shutout, listed as Vegas Golden Knights to score zero goals (@19.75)

That's $40 invested tonight. If the Canucks do any of the above I'm basically even as at the lowest odds of my choices, a $10 bet would be $39.75. If two or more of these predictions happen I make money.

For fun, one last bet: I'm going to parlay my call on last night's same score finish. 4-0 Canucks. That's 19.75 on the shutout multiplied by Canucks to win by 4 at 35.00.

$1 bet on that parlay pays $691.25!

Good Luck everyone and enjoy the game(s).