Wow, What an Ass Kicking!

Oh-Canada May 22, 2022

Edmonton Shocks Calgary in Game 3, Moves Ahead 2-1 in Battle of Alberta Playoff Series

Well, nobody saw that coming!

Edmonton Oilers – 4

Calgary Flames – 1

The only way to describe it was a good old fashioned ass kicking.

Let's be respectful of Calgary, surely an outstanding team, which has enjoyed a fantastic season.  No matter what happens the rest of the way in the Second Round playoff series, give the Flames their due.

But what happened on Sunday night at Rogers Place was off the charts.  Edmonton not only beat Calgary.  They whipped their opponent.  Moreover, the Oilers were listed as pregame home underdogs just about everywhere, including at Canada's top sports gambling website, SPREADS.CA.

The story of what happened in the Oilers romp over the Flames will undoubtedly dominate the talk all across Canada over the next few days.  It might as well be a national event in Alberta, where these two rivals are battling it out in their best-of-seven series, hoping to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.  Calgary will be on high alert, and has to be fearful this thing might slip away.  The exciting series resumes Tuesday night, once again in Edmonton.

Now, the Oilers really enjoy a significant edge.  They're up 2-1 and will host Game 4.  If they can somehow manage to win that game as well, Edmonton goes up 3-1.  That would mean the Flames would need to win three straight to advance.  That's quite a task given the explosiveness we've witnessed from Edmonton, so far.

Incredibly, the Oilers have been lighting up the lamp in the back of the Flames' bet like it's Christmas in May.  Edmonton scored 6, 5, and now 4 goals (15 in all, which is 5 goals per game).  That's Stanley Cup winning hockey, assuming the Oilers can keep up this blistering pace.

Now, let's keep things in perspective.  This is no time to celebrate if you're an Edmonton fan, or backer.  Okay, maybe you can celebrate a little.  This series can still move in either direction.  But it's certainly time to talk about the star power on the Oilers' team.

Predictably, the reaction in Calgary has been different.  It's "put it behind us, and move on."

Let us crow a little bit.  We called the Edmonton upset.  READ IT HERE

Now, it's back to work.

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