[Video] "Slap Shot" with Guest Howard David

Other Aug 05, 2020

"Slap Shot" is a weekly sports and gambling talk show hosted by Nolan Dalla. This program's guest is legendary play-by-play sports announcer Howard David, former voice of the NY Jets, Miami Dolphins, Boston Celtics, and others, as well as the radio voice of Monday Night Football on CBS Radio.  

Lots of great stories and talk on current topics.  Show recorded on August 4, 2020.

40-Minute Timeline:

0:00 -- Intro Howard David

2:33 -- Becoming the voice of MNF on radio

3:20 -- Living the life in the best seat on the hous

e5:00 -- The voice of sports on radio

6:00 -- Growing up in Brooklyn and listening to Vin Scully

8:20 -- Do announcers root for teams and players?10:00 -- Funny Rick Pitino story (Boston Celtics coach)

13:00 -- Remembering Marty Glickman

17:00 -- Calling the Super Bowl on CBS Radio

19:00 -- The NFL Commissioner becomes Howard's coffee boy

20:30 -- Hanging out with Denzel Washington

23:00 -- Interviewing Muhammed Ali

27:00 -- Diversity in the broadcast booth

29:00 -- Women in broadcasts

31:00 -- Should sports stick to sports and avoid politics/controversy?

34:00 -- Calling games with no spectators in the age of COVID

37:00 -- Will there be NFL in the fall?

39:00 -- Final thoughts and advice