Want to Be in CFL Action All Season Long? Check Out These Boosted Bets at Spreads.ca!

Oh-Canada Jun 08, 2022

Futures bets can be both fun and exciting. They give bettors the chance to be in action for the entire season, or at least so long as the team is in playoff contention.

Futures wagers also give bettors the chance for a very nice payday.

But then, just imagine if there was a sportsbook that "boosted" the normal odds of a team winning? Wouldn't that be great?

Well, Spreads.ca -- Canada's best bet -- is now offering boosted odds on not just one but two CFL teams to win the 2022 Grey Cup.

So, if you happen to like either of these two teams (and we think they both have a decent shot at making a run and toppling the favoured defending champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers), check out the latest odds at Spreads.ca.

Here's a look at the normal ODDS TO WIN THE 2022 GREY CUP at Spreads.ca:

Now, here's a look at the BOOSTED ODDS on two teams that are very live and we think have a chance to make a move:

Remember--the 2022 CFL regular season kicks off on Thursday night with the first game -- Montreal at Calgary. So, get those futures bets in now, and also enjoy bonuses and other boosted odds exclusive to Spreads.ca bettors in Canada.

Our Prediction (powered by Spreads.ca):

We can't say for certain which of these two "boosted odds" teams will win the Grey Cup. But we do like the idea of picking either one and riding out the season with a futures wager.

The Calgary Stampeders and Saskatchewan Roughriders are each boosted to win the Grey Cup. The Riders are boosted from 6.50 up to 7.50. The Stampeders are boosted from 7.00 to 8.00, which technically makes either wager a positive expectation.

You won't find better odds on these teams, so check them out if you want to enjoy the CFL season along with us.

Note:  Here at Poinstspreads.ca, we will be covering the CFL from start to finish.  Check back here regularly with analysis and picks every week.