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NFL Dec 16, 2021

This video runs about four minutes long.  

Trust me.  It's worth it.  

The clip shows the closing seconds of an NFL game several years ago when Matthew Stafford was QB of the Detroit Lions.  The video is very unusual because it focuses on just one player in an isolation shot for the entire duration, including when he leaves the playing field.  Trust me, it's a FASCINATING revelation.

I've been watching the NFL for 53 years.  I'm opinionated and sometimes I'm stubborn.  But I'd like to think that when confronted with clear evidence, I can react to it and change my mind.  That's the case here.  

For years, I've beaten up on Stafford, the pride of Dallas Highland Park (and many other NFL quarterbacks).  But when you *really* see what they endure when the cameras aren't rolling, it's pretty damned remarkable.  So, I was wrong about Stafford and now in an effort to right the wrongs in many of my previous posts, I'll share this, which speaks for itself.

Los Angeles Rams - Greatest mic’d up of Matthew Stafford. | Facebook
Got a dawg in Matthew Stafford.

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