See--We Told You the Nets and Lakers Were Overrated

nba Oct 20, 2021

Brooklyn Nets and LA Lakers Begin the Season 0-2

LOL = Laugh out loud.

We told you so.

A few days ago, we here at POINTSPREADS.CA warned that the Brooklyn Nets were a joke at +240 to win the 2021-22 NBA championship.  Equally hysterical was the LA Lakers being the second choice at +400.

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Looks who's laughing now.

After the first game, both of the huge popular favourites are 0-1, and winless.  The Nets got spanked like a spoiled child by the real star team, the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks.  The real champs destroyed the Nets by 23 points.

Might Brooklyn and LA eventually reach the NBA finals and win it?  Sure.  It's just one game.  But let's also agree those teams are ridiculously hyped and should almost always be avoided when betting, unless you like getting ripped off on the pricing.


In the other big tip-off game out West, the perpetually overhyped LA Lakers got doused at home by the rival Golden State Warriors.  The Western Conference favourites lost by 7.


Stick around, folks.  Stay with us.  We'll keep you off the idiot train.  But hey, thank goodness for the fools who hype the public teams.  It gives us greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat value!

For now, we're enjoying every second of this.

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