Weekly Newsletter: Oct. 6-12

Other Oct 07, 2020

No more hockey!


What will we do?

Congratulation to the Tampa Bay Lightning for winning a well-deserved Stanley Cup.  And hats off to the Dallas Stars for skating to the finals and being the surprise team of the 2019-2020 season.

We at POINTSPREADS.CA can't wait for the NHL to resume.  We'll be posting updates and offseason breaking news regularly.

Now, let's look at the other major sports worth betting on:


Bye bye Blue Jays.  Two games, two losses, season over.

Nonetheless, for gamblers, some interesting trends have developed in the MLB playoffs.  Note these interesting results taken from VegasInsider.com.  It appears that not only are betting favourites winning big.  But the favourites are also easily covering the -1.5 run-line.  Check out these numbers:


The strange 2019-2020 NBA season might be down to a final game.

The LA Lakers are just one game away from winning the championship.  They have a 3-1 lead over the Miami Heat in the best-of-seven series.

One expects this series won't go much longer – perhaps a game or two at the most.  We will have a new NBA champ by the weekend and it look like it's Lakers easy and all the way.

Here's the latest odds from SPREADS.CA


COVID is on the sidelines, but it looks to be entering the huddle of several teams and games.  We had two games postponed last week.  Who knows what is to come?  This looks to be a fragile situation that could blow up at any moment.  Hopefully, the infections last week were just a blip.  But this pandemic is clearly more of a risk in football than other sports, based on what we're seeing.

As for as betting, the NFL Week #5 is on deck.  Handicappers should be making major adjustments to the way they evaluate games.  Scoring is up big.  That means many things for those who bet not just totals – but sides and props, as well.

This weekend, look for articles and videos at POINTSPREADS.CA which will address the adjustments that bettors should be making as we enter the second month of the NFL season.

Here's the latest odds on Thursday night's NFL game between Tampa Bay and Chicago.  Both teams are 3-1, so this looks to be the best mid-week match-up of the season, so far.


Political wagering is now a big thing with many bettors, and SPREADS.CA offers gambling on the U.S. general election.  This was a really bad week from Donald Trump, and the shift in odds reflects that.  Here's the latest numbers (which admittedly are very volatile at the moment).

Look for POINTSPREADS.CA to post more content on political betting over the next several weeks as the Nov. 3rd election approaches.