What a finish at the BMW Championship!

Golf Aug 30, 2020


Watching Dustin Johnson on the 18th tee  box push the ball right, where it ended up in the rough, the world number one had some work to do to give himself a chance to make up a stroke on John Rahm to force a playoff. Pretty unlikely after his tee shot. But Dustin was able to effectively dig the ball out of a reasonably tough lie, and launch it onto the green from his precarious spot, but was unable to get the ball to check up. It ended up some 32 feet from the hole, up on a ridge. But a 32 foot, double breaking, downhill putt is no big deal to make right? Not for DJ on this day:

Are you kidding me? Wow. So Rahm had to collect himself on the range after hearing the cheers, which would be deafening in any year but 2020, as he knew what had happened. Rahm and DJ were heading for a sudden death playoff.

Not to be outdone with the flat stick on this day, Rahm one-upped DJ and nails a SIXTY-SIX footer to take the BMW Championship, but by the slimmest of margins it wasn't enough to reclaim the world number one title he held so briefly and relinquished to DJ who's been on a tear the last three PGA events.

What an exciting finish this Sunday afternoon. But what about our man, Canadian MacKenzie Hughes? He couldn't duel with the world number one and two today, but like a game show contestant, he does come away with some fabulous parting gifts. For one, he qualifies for the FedEx Cup next week.

In his own words:

As Hughes said, that "greasiest, slimiest putt" he drained to close out his round afforded him the ability to upgrade his calendar for the next year as it qualified him for the US Open, The Masters, The PGA Championship, the British Open, and next week's FedEx Cup.

Oddsmakers are yet to post him in the events he just qualified for, but stay tuned to spreads.ca to see what odds he's listed at for next weekend and beyond.

Fun to have another Canadian to sweat in the big events!