What are the Chances of Kicking a Field Goal From This Angle?

Other Aug 06, 2022

Serious question:

What are the chances of making a successful field goal from this angle?

Examine the photo carefully.  The ball is placed on the rear line of the end zone, which is parallel to the cross bar.  Given the shape and direction of the ball, it seems impossible to make a kick from this angle.

In fact, we're not even sure Jason Tucker, the Baltimore Ravens G.O.A.T. kicker could make this kick.

Take a look for yourself:

Well, you clicked onto the story, so you know what's going to happen.  Here's the payoff [CLICK THE FACEBOOK LINK]:

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Pretty cool that not only is an amateur athlete making the successful kick, it's a female, as well.

The kick is up, and it's good!

NFL teams, take note.  She's available as a free agent.  

Sign her up!