An Uncut Gem: What Do We Call a Golf-Football Parlay?

Other Nov 11, 2020

Adam Sandler shares a sacred bond with sports gamblers.

He's starred in two memorable movies that define the idea of making crazy parlay bets.

Let's take a quick look:

Happy Gilmore was a hockey player who turns to golf who has to win a match to save his grandmother's house.  Accordingly, a Happy Gilmore parlay is a hockey bet combined with a golf bet.

In Uncut Gems, Sandler plays a gambling-addicted scumbag jeweler who ends up making the craziest (and most improbable) parlay wager ever recorded on film.  The wager combines several props correlated to a single NBA basketball game.


Which now brings us to this crazy parlay, which was just made today at SPREADS.CA by one of the staff.  It combines a bet on The Masters (golf) with the NFL Thursday Night game (football) and the NFL Sunday Night game (football).  A triple bet!

So, if a golf-hockey parlay bet is called the "Happy Gilmore," what's the golf-football bet?

Maybe, the Peyton Manning?  (Golf and football, with a Tennessee connection.)

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

Headline Photo Credit:  Warner Bros. Films