What Do You Think is the Greatest Sports Photograph in History?

Legends Jun 10, 2022

Writer's Note:  I posted this question at my personal website recently and on Facebook.  The interest was tremendous.  People are still posting their favourite sports photos of all time.  Click on the link at the end of this article to join the discussion and see some of the best sports photos in history.

Today, let’s combine two subjects: Sports and Photography.

My longtime friend Jonathan Kaplan suggested this topic:

What’s the greatest sports photograph of all time?

Note that in a previous column, we discussed and debated the “greatest photograph” in history. The consensus among us was “Earthrise” taken from the moon on Christmas Eve 1968. Why was that photo chosen? All one needs to do is think of the power of that photo, the first time we’d ever seen planet earth in that way, to understand the old adage — a picture is worth a thousand words.

Let’s agree, sports means so much to many of us. It can also move us in ways that transcend athleticism and entertainment. Your challenge is to post (and explain) the greatest sports photo(s) of all time. Note that this is easy to copy and post in the comments section. Simply go to GOOGLE and search for the image you remember, then save it to post and share. Obviously, it helps if you can post the actual photo.

Bonus points are given to: GREATEST PHOTO and FAVORITE PHOTO, which can be different things. Anyone who thinks of an outlier gets extra credit, also. Many creative people here may surprise us.

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