What Makes This Photo Special?

Baseball Aug 29, 2021

Take a look at this photo.  It was taken 50 years ago at Cleveland Stadium.

Care to venture a guess as to what makes it special?  By that, we mean unusual?

Well, it's probably the only photo you will ever see of FOUR pitchers who all won 20 games in a season for the same team!

Today, a 20-game winner for any pitcher is unusual.  To have multiple winners on the same team, even a roster stacked like the Los Angeles Dodgers, is rare.  So, FOUR is incredible.  It's something we're never likely to see happen again.

Fifty years ago, the Baltimore Orioles accomplished this feat, fielding FOUR 20-game winners.  That came during the 1971 season.  The photo includes (left to right):

Jim Palmer    20-10   2.71 ERA

Dave McNally    21-5    2.89 ERA

Mike Cuellar   20-9   3.08 ERA

Pat Dobson   20-8   2.90 ERA

Fun Fact:  These four pitchers accounted for 81 out of 101 team wins.

That's incredible!