Sunday Bloody Sunday: NFL Week 9 Filled with Shocking Upsets

NFL Nov 08, 2021

On Sunday, five of the eight division leaders lost.  Three teams thought to be Super Bowl contenders – Buffalo, Dallas, and the LA Rams – were embarrassed.  Here's a look back at the NFL's wackiest day, so far this season.

What the hell happened?

-- Buffalo scores only 6 points and loses to pathetic Jacksonville?

-- Dallas at 6-1 enters Week 9 as the NFL's top offense and is trailing at home to Denver 30-0 at one point (they ended up losing 30-16)?

-- The 7-1 LA Rams shit the bed at home against the Travis Henry-less Tennessee Titans and get massacred by double digits?

-- The division-leading Las Vegas Raiders head east to NY Giants and get beat by a 2-5 team?

-- New Orleans at home trails Atlanta by 18 points in the 4th quarter and goes on to lose on a late field goal?

We thought Halloween was last week!

Underdogs killed it.  They went 8-4 for the week.  The only impressive performance by a favoured division leader was Arizona, now 8-1 with the NFL's best record.  The Cardinals were even a surprise, playing the game without their two top offensive players, yet still won 31-17.

It really was Sunday Bloody Sunday.

On to our weekly Power Rankings:  


  1. Arizona Cardinals

At 8-1, and off a win without their stars, the Cardinals have proven to be the real deal.  Only a receiver running a bad route at the end of the Green Bay game cost this team an undefeated 9-0 mark.

2.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Yes, the Bucs have two losses but so long as Tom Brady is taking snaps, this remains the team to beat.  On a neutral field, if both teams were healthy, we'd make Tampa Bay -3 against Arizona, so perhaps the Bucs are really the NFL's best team.  We'll see.

3.  Tennessee Titans

What an amazing month by the Titans, rattling off four straight wins against good teams – beating the Rams, Bills, Chiefs, and Colts.  Without RB Henry, it's tough to see how the Titans will keep up this level o performance, but the way they dismantled the Rams  on Sunday night was a major statement.

4.  Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are playing way too many close games, but they're winning them, too.  Baltimore is tough to figure out at 6-2.  They could be 3-5 except for a 67-yard field goal at Detroit, a miracle comeback versus the Colts, and three comebacks from TDs down on Sunday against Minnesota.  What matters is – the Ravens deliver when it counts.

5.  Los Angeles Rams

How much weight do we give that disaster on Sunday night when the Rams imploded and lost by 15 at home to Tennessee?  To be fair, the loss was all on the shoulders of Matt Stafford, who had a horrible game.  The Rams defense played pretty well and this teams remains well-coached.  Let's place them at #5 for now, and keep an eye on Stafford, who looked like he's still playing for the Lions.

6.  Dallas Cowboys

The Week 9 massacre against Denver was inexplicable.  The Cowboys had been rolling along at 6-1 and had QB Dak Prescott back under center.  Then, he played the worst game of his career.  The Cowboys defense also looked bad.  The Cowboys play a tough schedule the next month.  We're about to see if this team is good or has just been lucky.

7.  Green Bay Packers

The Packers defense deserves more credit than they're getting.  They kept the Packers in the game at Kansas City on Sunday.  QB Aaron Rodgers is a bonehead for his mishandling of his COVID status and ridiculously selfish for risking his team's chances by stubbornly refusing to get the vaccine and then lying about it, but he's also among the best in the game when he's on the field.  So, we have to list the 7-2 Packers someplace in the Top 10.  Number 7 looks about right.

8.  Buffalo Bills  

What was that we saw on Sunday?  A 9-6 loss to the Jaguars?  When Buffalo plays its best, they look unbeatable.  Yet, this team remains wildly inconsistent.  And now, the Bills might be challenged by the Patriots who are only a game behind in the AFC East.  If Buffalo is to be taken seriously as a Super Bowl contender, they need to play like one.  At 5-3, Buffalo looks like any other above-average team right now.  

9.  New England Patriots

The Patriots are a surprise Top 10 entry.  The reason they belong is – they're getting better with each game.  At 5-4, New England is moving up the ranks and has a shot at shocking Buffalo if they can pull off a few more upsets.  Those last-second losses to Dallas and Tampa Bay don't look so bad, after all.  The Patriots could very well be 7-2 and in first place right now.

10.  Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Why not?  At 11-1, and coasting in the CFL, we love the Blue Bombers against the rest of the field in the NFL.