What's the New Name of the NFL's Washington Football Team?

NFL Jan 07, 2022

Did Washington Football Team's new name leak?  Maybe, so.

The Washington Football Team will officially unveil its new name and logo on Feb. 2nd.

The narrowed a list of 40,000 fan submissions is reportedly down to nine name possibilities, and they've already ruled out several options.  But what if Washington's new name has already been leaked?  One specific website is stirring up speculation.  The frontrunner now appears to be the "Admirals."

Of course, Washington’s dismal NFL team and clown car management are going to screw this up, and they're doing a exactly that.

Monumentally so.

The new name and logo were so easy. Gift wrapped. Obvious.

“Washington Monuments” was absolutely perfect. Some artisans even did some logo designs (see below).  I think this is damn good, and ideal for the city and region.

But instead, Daniel Snyder, the boy-buffoon that runs this incompetent organization somehow has reduced the list of new team names down to these choices, which are horrible! Here are the nine “finalists,” one of which will be chosen.

DEFENDERS — Defend against what? And what about the offensive players? Sounds “offensive” to me.

COMMANDERS — Commanders of what exactly? Besides, isn’t there just ONE commander? Otherwise, he’s not really a commander, is he?

REDHAWKS — Not bad, the best name among all these stinkers. One assumes red hawks are in the Capitol area, and if not, I’ll still accept this one.

BRIGADE — Brigade? Really? What’s with this ridiculous military obsession? Defenders, Commanders, Brigade, yada, yada, yada, and see the rest.

SENTINELS –– What year is this, 1864? Sentinels? Really?

ADMIRALS — Yeah, right–we all think of Washington as a sea city; such rich history of marine conquests on the Potomac.  [Leaked as the choice, if reports are correct]

PRESIDENTS — Way too political. No.

ARMADA — A great name for Madrid Spain if it gets an NFL franchise, but a horrible name for WDC. Makes no sense at all.

RED HOGS — What is a red hog, exactly? Is this what we associate with Washington? A red hog? Why not just name them the Purple Giraffes? Same thing.

Oh, and “MONUMENTS” did not make the cut.

What a monumental screw-job. So typical of this team for the past 20 years.  They should have just stuck with the old name — “Redskins.”  Or better yet, name Washington “the Swamp People.”